• Ballerz "Illuzion" Bracelet - 14kt & Aquamarine

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    Here we go, loop-d-loop, here we go loop-d-li....! We just LOVE this Illuzion bracelet so much because: # 1) It is so fun to slide and "loop" the chains together and # 2) it reminds us of how much fun we had in childhood with play making. We strongly advise parental guidance on this one. You might get carried away and never return to being an adult. Please see video for instructions as well as this sizing chart.  

    • This beauty is shown with three dazzling rings: ID ring, Stonerz Wide Wave Cigar ring, and the Convertiballz Wave ring all in 14kt Yellow Gold.
    • This beauty is set with a stunning 14mm size Aquamarine gemball all handcrafted in 14kt Yellow Gold. 
    • 14kt Yellow Gold elongated oval link chain.
    • You can select from a beautifully curated gemstones for your special item. We have a choice of natural Aquamarine, Green Prehnite, Aqua Chalcedony, Garnet, Kyanite, Moonstone and/or if you have another gemstone in mind? Let us know.
    • If unavailable to purchase, this will be a "Made to Order" Item. Allow 3 to 4 weeks to fulfill your request.