Tree of Life Medallion to Benefit GNG

The Tree of Life medallion is created in 14kt yellow gold, measuring over 1” in width and 1.25” in length (without the bale). This classic style was chosen as a symbol for the non-profit organization GNG (Goettingen Neighbor Group), as it represents growth, connection, strength and family. A perfect symbol for the nature loving group that is GNG, a group of positive environmentally minded people who reside in San Francisco, California.
A portion of each Tree of Life medallion sale will benefit GNG.
Jewelry designer and native San Franciscan, Jeanette Wright from Ruben Loves Me, who created the medallion states, “this project is extremely close to my heart as I’ve been an active member of GNG for several years. I fully support GNG in all efforts to beautify our neighborhood. Why? Because it is home and I am eager for this project to come to life”.
The fundraising goal of GNG is to construct a glazed tile staircase highlighting statements, quotes and comments from members of our beloved community that are titled: The Steps to Wisdom. The staircase is adjacent to the hillside garden between Olmstead and Dwight streets in the Portola district in San Francisco that GNG originated and stewards.
The Tree of Life medallion is envisioned as one of connection with the fertile earth to the heavens, as the trunk of the tree rises into a circular pattern while several pointed kinetic leaves direct you to the boundless sky from its willowy but strong branches.
One side of the medallion is designed with a modern graphic, whilst the backside displays the the word "we", the Ruben Loves Me Heart logo along with the letters GNG; to be spoken as “WE LOVE GNG”.
By purchasing the Tree of Life medallion you support GNG as well as help maintain the beauty that San Francisco is best known for throughout the world.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Jeanette Wright – Jewelry Designer – Ruben Loves Me